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Collagen O2 Oxyjet Tightening Treatment 

With the increase of age and the pollution of the external environment, it is difficult for the skin to naturally supplement enough nutrients, so that the cell division speed is slowed down, collagen and elastic fibers are reduced, and then the skin becomes thin, dry, tarnished and lost elasticity. 


原理 Principle :


This treatment uses 98% pure oxygen through a high-pressure separation method. It is also equipped with a specially designed spray gun, oxygen lance and pure oxygen mask to treat the skin with spray oxygen, injet oxygen and Inhale oxygen. The skin absorbs oxygen quickly during treatment, and has the effect of improving blood circulation, moisturizing , minimizes wrinkles, removing yellowish and even skin tone. 

60”Sec O2 Oxyjet Facial Care Treatment

治療效果 Treatment Effect :

  • 迅速為肌膚補充氧份、恢復生機  Quickly replenish oxygen to the skin and            restore  vitality 
  • 加強淋巴及血液循環,改善代謝  Strengthen lymphatic and blood circulation,    improve metabolism 
  • 激活細胞、恢復彈性及光澤  Activate skin cells, restore elasticity and shining 
  • 舒緩疲勞、減壓   Soothes fatigue and decompression 
  • 消除面部瑕疵,減淡各種色斑  Eliminate blemishes and reduce various spots 
  • 即時美白效果  Instant Whitening Effect
  • 皮膚更白裏透紅,晶瑩剔透 Skin more Transparent & Natural pink
  • 收細毛孔  Pore Tightening

步驟  Steps 

  1. 卸妝 Make Up Remove
  2. 清潔 Cleansing
  3.  爽膚 Toning
  4.  脫除死皮 Peeling
  5.  肩膊按摩 Shoulder Massage
  6. 針清 Tool Extract
  7. 清理眉毛 Eyebrow Shaping
  8. 注氧 Oxygen injection
  9. 面膜 Peel Off Mask
  10. 眼霜 Eye Cream
  11. 面霜 Face Cream

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