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Icy Rose Hydration Facial Treatment  

選用外國原裝入口優質玫瑰啫喱產品, 加以悉心護理, 再配合針對性面膜.
Chosen from the best Rose gel products from abroad, this treatment gives you special care using specific treatment mask pertinent to your skin conditions. 

特點 Aims at :

滋潤保濕、減退乾紋、舒緩抗敏、強化皮膚功能, 使肌膚回復健康.  

Moisturizing, reduces fine lines, calming and soothing,
strengthens skin cells and restoring skin health.  


排毒、收毛孔, 改善毛孔粗大及偏黃膚色, 有助暢通淋巴

Detoxifying and tightening pores, improves skin texture and
complexion, aids lymphatic drainage

程序 Steps:

  1. 卸妝 Remove make up
  2. 清潔 Cleansing
  3. 檢查皮膚, 爽膚 Skin analysis, Toning
  4. 脫除死皮, 離子噴霧 Peeling, Steaming
  5. 肩膊按摩 Neck & Shoulder Massage
  6. 深層排毒 (針清) Deep cleansing (Extraction)
  7. 高頻率電療 High-frequency Electrotherapy
  8. 清理雜毛/眉毛 Eyebrow shaping
  9. 玫瑰精華超聲波導入 Icy rose gel by ultrasound
  10. 面膜 Mask
  11. 軟膜 Modeling Mask 
  12. 眼霜 Eye Cream
  13. 面霜 Face Cream

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