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Magnetic Fork Detox Facial Treatment

原理: 磁叉如其名, 磁是一種金屬氧化物,特點在於具備強力磁性力量。磁叉棒帶有負極電荷,可以吸引正極電荷。眾所周知,人的血液含有大量鐵質,而血液中的鐵質正正屬於正極電荷。磁叉就是利用磁叉吸引及帶動血液中的鐵質,促進血液流動。所以,在肌膚淋巴位置上使用磁叉按摩時,可以幫助排走已經阻塞或滯留了好久的毒素和廢物,發揮磁叉按摩的功效。故使用磁叉,即「排酸棒」,來按摩能促進新陳代謝、消除肌肉疲勞、舒筋活絡、通淋巴、去黑眼圈、去水腫、V面、收緊肌膚,並協助身體調節酸鹼度及治病!

Principle:  Magnetic is a metal oxide characterized by strong magnetic force. The magnetic fork has a negative charge that attracts the positive charge. As we all know, human blood contains a lot of iron, and the iron in the blood is positively charged. The magnetic fork uses the magnetic fork to attract and drive the iron in the blood to promote blood circuluation. Therefore, when using a magnetic fork applied on the lymphatic position of the skin, it can help remove the toxins and waste that have been blocked or retained for a long time. Use of magnetic forks, that is, “acid soda sticks”, massage the face can promote metabolism, eliminate muscle fatigue, relax muscles, clear lymph, dark circles, remove edema, V-face, tighten skin, and help the body regulate pH and treatment disease! It also helps to and reduce wrinkles 


Stimulate acupoints to achieve “V” face effect 


Resolves facial sagging and chubby, Reduced dark circles 

促進排毒, 消除水腫

Promote detoxification, Eliminate edema 


Restore the skin's elasticity 


Promote metabolism 


Accelerate blood circulation

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