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香薰按摩療法 Aromatherapy

芳香香薰按摩療法(Aromatherapy),簡稱芳療,我們用法國芳香植物所萃取出的精油(essential oil),並以按摩和薰香等方式經由呼吸道或皮膚吸收進入體內,來達到舒緩精神壓力與增進身體健康的一種自然療法。

Aromatherapy, referred to as aroma relaxing massage, we use essential oils from France extracted from aromatic plants and absorb them into the body through the respiratory tract or skin through massage and aromatherapy to achieve soothing mental stress and improve health natural remedies. 

香薰按摩療法 Aromatherapy

A gentle and soothing massage using France essential oils to cleanse and freshen your skin. The use of essential oils promotes healing, well-being and relaxation.

法國香薰油按摩 (France Aroma Oil) : 使用純天然精油溫和地按摩皮膚,達到深層清潔及舒緩壓力的效果,使皮膚煥然一新 

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