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熱石按摩 Hot Stone Massage

熱石療法經採石專家精心挑選出外型平滑具高能量及保溫功能佳的天然玄武岩, 以芳香植物精油相輔助,藉由最深層的按摩,增進身體血管及淋巴受阻部位的迴圈 ,同時平衡體內能量。

Hot stone therapy is carefully selected by the quarrying experts to select natural basalt with smooth appearance, high energy and good thermal insulation. It is supplemented by aromatic plant essential oils. With the deepest massage, it improves the circulation of the blood vessels and lymphatic obstructed parts of the body, while balancing the body.

熱石按摩 Hot Stone Massage

利用熱傳導原理,熱能將精油的作用深入皮脂層2-5公分,有效軟化和分解脂肪組織, 高溫加速全身代謝,促使脂肪細胞溶解、酵化、排毒,讓身體在舒適溫暖的感受中, 呈現完美曲線。

Utilizing the principle of heat conduction, the thermal energy will penetrate the effect of essential oils into the sebum layer by 2-5 cm, effectively soften and decompose adipose tissue, accelerate the metabolism of the whole body at high temperature, promote the dissolution, fermentation, and detoxification of fat cells, so that the body is perfect in a comfortable and warm feeling curve.

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