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Diamond Peeling Treatment

鑽石磨皮採用物理換膚原理, 利用鑽石質工具去除皮膚表層老化角質及促進皮膚更新,可去除皮膚表面多餘的油脂,污垢和死細胞,從而露出年輕,明亮的皮膚。 這種非侵入式的處理可以改善細皺紋和線條的外觀,即使出現斑塊狀的斑點,並減輕輕度中度暗瘡的發生。治療過程安全,效果快,因為非化學性換膚,完全不會刺激傷害皮膚

Diamond peeling uses mechanical tools to remove dead cells and promote skin renewal. It can remove excess oil, dirt and dead cells on the skin surface, thus exposing young, bright skin. This non-invasive treatment can improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines, even if plaque-like spots appear, and reduce the occurrence of mild to moderate acne. The treatment process is safe and fast, because the non-chemical peeling will not irritate the skin at all


療程程序 Treatment Steps

 卸妝 Remove Make-up 

潔面 Cleansing

Diamond Peel Machine Application

蒸面 Steaming

針清 Pore clearing

修眉 Eyebrow Shaping

倒膜 Peel-Off Mask

Face + Eye Cream

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