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3D Eyelash Perming 3D電眼睫毛

3D電眼睫毛解決了普通電眼睫毛過了約三星期後睫毛便會凌亂的情況,由於3D用的藥水是日本製造, 植物成份完全不會刺激, 敏感皮膚也適合, 藥水也較溫和,比普通的較快打回原狀,但3D的很少出現睫毛打交凌亂,而且彎曲度相比普通的自然,大概可維持一個多月,一雙明亮的眼晴,絕對值回票價,加上電眼睫毛,可減少因拑睫毛而容易掉睫毛的情況,睫毛自然更多更濃密.

3D eyelshes perming creates lashes that naturally curly and solve the problem that traditional lashes in messy directions. It lasts for 3 weeks or a month. Since 3D solutions are made in Japan, it is made by naturely plant substance which are not irritating at all, and sensitive skin is suitable too.  Can reduce eyelashes loss caused by eyelash clamp, eyelashes looks more naturally and  more dense.


因應不同眼型, 睫毛長度及密度,塑造出最完美的捲曲弧度, 突顯眼部線條

According to different eye shapes, eyelash lengths and densities, the most perfect curly arc is shaped to highlight your eye lines


1) 3D電眼睫毛後至少24小時不要弄濕睫毛。
2) 避免摩擦或觸摸眼睛區域,以免刺激眼睛。
3) 3D電眼睫毛後,不要太長時間在陽光直射下,因為這會削弱燙髮水。

3D Eyelash perm aftercare

1) Refrain from getting your eyelashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
2) Avoid rubbing or touching the eye area as you could irritate the eyes.
3) Don't spend too long in direct sunlight straight after your treatment, as this could weaken the perm lotion.

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