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Covid-19 防疫措施
Prevention Measures

❤️ 每位客人到來時,本店職員會將消毒酒精噴全身
❤️ When you arrive, our staff will spray disinfectant all over your body

💚 用非接觸式探熱儀測體溫
💚 Temperature measurement with non-contact pyrometer

💛 提供酒精搓手液搓雙手
💛 Provide anti-bacteria hand gel

💙 會詢問閣下在14天內有否外遊紀錄
💙 Will ask if you have travel history within 14 days

🧡 美容師會在護理前用酒精噴整張美容床
🧡 Beautician will spray entire bed with alcohol before treatment

💜 提供信封給客人護理前放好口罩
💜 Provide envelops to place your mask before the treatment

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