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Caviar Collagen Moisturizing Programme 

鱘龍魚子精華來自深海的鱘魚魚子,含有各種抗衡歲月的 豐富營養成分
迅速滲透為肌膚注入氧氣, 提升肌膚的抗氧化功能, 強 化水分保護屏障, 能活化細胞, 刺激骨膠原增生, 淡化幼 紋, 乾紋, 深層緊緻肌膚, 提升肌膚彈性,光澤; 持續保濕, 潤澤肌膚 

A comprehensive treatment mainly contains Deep sea Sturgeon fish eggs which enrich skin cells all anti-oxidants elements.

Instantly uplifted and enhances collagen stimulation system so that those wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. Moreover, skin will become shinny and extremely hydrated. 

Caviar Collagen Moisture Programme

包括: 緊膚按摩乳液、海洋活膚液、保濕緊緻精華、蘆薈緊膚精華及魚子骨膠原面膜。
為期5周的專業護膚療程, 效果顯著

A comprehensive treatment including Instant Energy, Marine Therapy, Generic Moisture, Instant Lift Comfort and Collagen Veil with Caviar Extract.
A 5-day comprehensive treatment with the following magnificent results

特點 Key effects:

  1. 高度鎖緊水份  Moisturizing and softening 
  2. 活化細胞能力  Stimulate and regenerate skin cell activity
  3. 增強皮膚天然防禦系統  Strengthens the skin’s natural defense
  4. 能顯著延媛肌膚老化過程  Rejuvenates the skin’s radiance
  5. 肌膚即時活化,立即緊緻潤澤  Instant lifting and redefined contours of the face
  6. 重現嫩澤光彩 Soothes and stabilizes sensitive skin

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