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Ther Matrix


Ther MATRIX膠原槍網狀射頻能直達真皮層,膠原蛋白即時收緊!同時刺激膠原蛋白組織斷裂進而重組新生,組織間粘合力增加,拉緊肌膚支撐網,承托起鬆弛下垂肌膚,肌膚回復緊實、飽滿、有彈性減淡細紋~豐滿蘋果肌~收緊鬆弛下垂肌等!而且無痛 只係有暖暖地的感覺,過程十分舒適~

Ther MATRIX Collagen Gun mesh RF directly reaches the dermis, and collagen is instantly tightened! At the same time, it stimulates collagen tissue breakage and recombination, and the adhesion between tissues increases. The skin support mesh is tightened, and the skin is relaxed and less sagging. The skin is firm and full, and has elasticity to reduce fine lines~ plump up apple muscles~ tighten relaxing and sagging muscles, etc! And it is painless. It only feels warm and the process is very comfortable~


Ther Matirx 能直達直皮層, 使其達到60-70度的熱效應,膠原蛋白即時收緊, 同時刺激膠原蛋白組織斷裂進而重組新生, 組織間粘合力增加, 拉緊肌膚支撐網, 承拓起下垂肌膚, 肌膚回復緊實, 飽滿和有彈性. 

Ther Matrix can directly reach the dermis, with thermal effect of 60-70 degrees, collagen is tightened immediately. At the same time, the collagen tissue breaks down and recombines and revitalizes, the adhesion power between tissues increases, the skin support net is pulled tight, and the sagging of the skin is promoted. Finally skin firmed, uplifted and increased elasticity. 


600萬赫茲, 推祟 ”無紋時代” !!!
6 million Hertz, " Flawless era is coming " !!!

600萬赫茲單極射頻, 將真皮層加熱到60-70度, 令分子內氫鍵斷裂, 膠原蛋白分子鏈結被破壞再重新接合, 繼而出現收縮現象, 肌膚彷如啟動了膠原修復及重組機能, 從而能夠做到肌膚即時提拉緊實效果
收縮後的膠原蛋白重新合成膠原蛋白網, 為肌底築起整個膠原蛋白網絡作支撐, 令已鬆弛的皮膚回復彈性緊緻, 改善皮膚鬆弛, 提升輪廓, 肌膚顯得飽滿豐盈 

6 million Hz unipolar radiofrequency heats the dermis to 60-70 degrees, breaking intramolecular hydrogen bonds, disrupting the collagen molecular chain and rejoining it, followed by contraction, and the skin acts as if it initiated collagen repair and reconstitution. , so that the skin can be immediately lifted and tightened effect
The contracted collagen re-synthesizes the collagen-protein network and builds the entire collagen network as a support for the muscles. This tighten the skin and restores elasticity, improves skin slackening, enhances contours, and makes the skin look supple and full 

治療前   治療後
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