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LIFTERA_Ultra V Lift 第三代隔空無針埋線

以專利TDT(Thermal Diffusion Treatment)聚焦超聲波,以10Hz快速輸出穩定超聲波熱點 , 透過連綿不斷的能量輸出, 於皮下造成隠形能量線, 帶來即時及無痛既緊緻提升,同時激活膠原, 在不傷及表皮的情況下, 達到媲美傅統埋線及抽脂拉皮既的治療效果

A non-invasive lifting and contouring treatment for the face, eyes and neck area, it’s the first LIFTERA treatment, using the original theory of Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT) Technology.
It is an anti-aging technology that accelerates the remodeling of collegen by giving a strong heating to the collagen fibers in dermal layer by rapid irradiation of the focused ultrasound at a specific depth in the skin at high speed of 10Hz without damaging the skin surface layer. 


「Liftera V Lift」亦稱做「無針埋線」的較出名緊緻瘦面機, 獲韓國 KFDA 認證,

「Liftera V Lift」同 HIFU 同屬一種, 但就屬於新款無痛嘅 HIFU, 所以效果原理都同U-One HIFU 一樣的, 分別在於 :

"Liftera V Lift" is the same as HIFU, but it belongs to the new painless HIFU, the effect principle is the same as U-One HIFU.

U-One HIFU 採用長型機頭一條條平排線逐下打 (行線式), , 能量輸出直線平均, U-ONE 新一代已經是無痛, 只有痺酸麻弱的感覺。

Using rectangle applicator for linear and average energy output, U-ONE is a new generation that is painless, and only a bit sour feeling.

Liftera V Lift 無針埋線以專利醫療級 TDT (熱點擴散) 渦旋式聚焦超聲波技術, 筆形機頭打圈於皮膚特定深度密集輸出能量, 更緊貼面部所有曲線輪廓,

With patented medical TDT vortex-focusing ultrasound technology, the pen-shaped applicator is intensively energy output at a specific depth of the skin, which closely contouring of your face. 

主要功效   Main Effects

效果顯著  Remarkable results !

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