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3D Semi Permanent Upper Eyeliner

Do you know that eyeliner can beautify a pair of eyes?

多年經驗的紋繡師,我們眼線服務可以令你保持雙眼明亮美麗動人, 助你擁有完美雙目
With many years of experience as a tattoo artist, our eyeliner service can keep your eyes bright and beautiful, helping you have perfect eyes

不再害怕眼線溶掉   No longer afraid to dissolve eyeliner
超級持久   Super durable
不用花時間打理   Save much time to take care of it

3D Semi Permanent Upper Eyeliner

"Inner eyeliner" refers to the area between the lower eyelashes and the white part. All the colorants we use have passed the qualification test.

過程只需要輕輕合眼,並放鬆眼睛,紋繍師拉開眼皮就得,少少「拮眼」,但沒有「刺」的感覺。完成後令您一瞓醒都能擁有一條有弧度丶流暢丶有美感的眼線,針對眼形改善丶眼尾下垂, 及眼晴增大有神采

In the process, you only need to close your eyes gently and relax your eyes. The tattoo artist  opens your eyelids, and you just have little "itchy", but you do not feel "thorny". After finishing, you can have a curved, smooth and beautiful eyeliner when you wake up, aiming at the improvement of eye shape and drooping eyelid, and greatly increasing the glory of your eyes

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