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Keratin Eyelash Lift

「角蛋白睫毛術」是採用外國 FDA 合規格成份,安全零副作用不傷睫毛,並以修護睫毛為前提,利用軟化 → 固定 → 染粗 → 修護方式去創造完美上翹弧度,令睫毛吸收角蛋白養份後生長得更強韌,兼即時有捲曲上翹濃黑效果,做一次平均可保持到 1.5 至 2 個月!

"Keratin Eyelashes" uses foreign FDA-compliant ingredients, safe and no side effects, and does not damage eyelashes. The premise of repairing eyelashes is to use softening → fixation → thickening → repair methods to create the perfect upturned arc, so that eyelashes are absorbed Keratin nutrient grows stronger and has the effect of curling up and darkening immediately. It can keep to 1.5 to 2 months on average! 

Non-traditional electric eyelashes for more natural effects and safer ingredients without damaging eyelashes and skin

不需再用睫毛夾 / Mascara / 植睫毛,真睫毛都捲曲上翹濃黑
No need to use eyelash curler / Mascara / Eyelash extension, real eyelashes are curled up and darkened

零 downtime,100% 真睫毛零異物重量負擔
Zero downtime, 100% true eyelashes without foreign body weight burden

短小下垂睫毛 / 睫毛倒生都適合做
Applicable for short, drooping eyelashes as well

過程只需 1 小時多啲,做一次可 last 6-10 星期 (視乎個人睫毛生長週期及保養方式)
The process only takes more than 1 hour. It can be done once in the last 6-10 weeks (depending on the individual eyelash growth cycle and maintenance method)

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