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24K Gold Detoxification & Cell Renewal Treatment


Gold has scientific proof for antioxidant effect. It improves slackening skin, activate cell youth and keep skin elasticity and firming. 


24K Gold Detoxification & Cell Renewal Treatment

Lifting and Elasticity

It prevents skin from sagging by delaying consume of collagen and collapse of elastin, as wel as regenerates elastic and healthy skin by promoting growth of cell in order to make lifting effect.

Brightening action

It recovers damage from UV rays and has an anti-aging efect, delaying secretion of melanin by eradicating free radicals


Vitalization of cell

通過 PGA傳遞,具有10倍於保濕劑的保濕效果,活性成分被吸收到深層皮膚中,具有恆定的發射作用,從而提供營養,減少炎症,並刺激皮膚的天然保濕因子
Conveyed with gamma PGA, that has moisturizing effect 10 times more than normal, active components are absorbed into deep skin with constant emission action so as to give nutrition, reduce inflammation, and stimulate Natural Moisturizing Factors of skin. 

Toxin excretion 

Fine particles of pure gold remove various heavy metals or harmful factors by ion-exchange method, and distroy completely impurities in pore

24K Gold Detoxification & Cell Renewal Treatment   

步驟 Steps:

1. 卸妝 Make up removal
2. 清潔 Cleansing
3. 去除角質、離子噴霧 Peeling, Steaming
4. 清理眉毛 Eyebrow shaping
5. 用黃金激活精華液按摩至吸收,精華液含維他命B、C、D,具保濕作用,而且有治療損傷皮膚的功效
Apply Serum Corrective Gamma PGA on face and neck with massage
6. 貼上金箔時肌膚表面(有微熱感)
Put Gold Foil on Face (Thermal effect) – 10 mins
7. 黃金活化保濕霜按摩面部
Massage with Hydrating Cream to absorb gold
8. 皮膚吸收當中的精華後,黃金帶出毒素和污垢Cream with gold absorbent remove detox dirt
9. 塗上黃金激活精華液後再敷上黃金排毒軟膜 Apply Serum Corrective with Gold Peel Off Mask – 20 mins
10. 面霜 Face cream
11. 眼霜 Eye cream 

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