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植眼睫毛 Eyelash Extension

效果自然不用化妝, 雙眼也炯炯有神
Natural effect without makeup and Your Eyes are brilliant & "Bling Bling"

專業美睫師會以細緻嫻熟的技巧,把一條條仿睫毛黏合在距離自生睫毛根部 1mm 處, 為你設計完美睫毛增長術 猶如真的睫毛, 令睫毛顯得更纖長卷曲,亦可自行選擇接上不同長度、卷曲度的睫毛,以達至不同的大眼效果, 植完睫毛之後,就算不再搽睫毛液,都可以有濃密的效果

The professional eyelash artist will stick a strip of imitation eyelashes at a distance of 1mm from the root of real eyelashes with detailed and skillful techniques, and design the perfect eyelash growth technique for you as if it is a real eyelash, making the eyelashes appear longer and curly. Eyelashes of different lengths and curls to achieve different "big-eye effects". After the eyelashes are planted, even if you don't use mascara, your eyes still have nice volume & dense effect.

The Heartest Care

Hygiene & Sterilization


Feather Light

Mild Extension Adhesive for Sensitive Skin

Precautions after eyelash extension

  1. 5日內不可以做 facial、進入蒸氣室、游水或浸溫泉等,因為潮濕會令膠水失效  Don’t do facial, or enter the steam room, swim or dip in hot springs within 5 days, as humidity will invalidate the glue! 
  2. 盡量8小時內別讓眼睫毛碰到水 Try not to let the eyelashes touch the water within 8 hours
  3. 選擇無油成分的卸妝、洗面用品  Choose oil-free makeup and face wash products
  4. 眼妝可以用棉花棒輔助卸妝,洗面後也可用棉花棒把水吸乾,保持乾爽  Eye makeup can be removed with a cotton swab. After washing, you can also use a cotton swab to absorb water and keep it dry.
  5. 清潔或保養眼睛後可吸走多餘油脂,這樣可避免睫毛提早掉落  Absorb excess oil after cleaning or caring for your eyes, which prevents eyelashes from falling off early

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